NEET UG 2019 Medical Entrance Exams

NEET UG 2019- Medical Entrance Exam- Important Topics

NEET UG-2019 Entrance Exam will be conducted on 5th May 2019. Around 13 Lakh students are estimated to appear for these exams this year.

Neet UG is one of the most difficult exams to crack because of the high number of aspirants appearing for the exams. The scarcity of the number of medical colleges in India also means more competition. Hence, your preparation for Neet UG 2019 has to be top notch and well planned. Great planning can pave the way for a bright future.

As NEET UG 2019 is only a month away, it is very difficult for those who want to start their preparations now to secure great ranks. But, still, a well-planned study schedule for a month can get you a reasonable rank which can land you a good enough college. This will provide you with a fair chance to get a top quality medical education.

So, we provide you with Important topics to prepare for NEET UG 2019.


NEET UG 2019- Exam Pattern

Particulars  Details 
Pattern of Examination Pen and paper based
Duration of Examination 3 hours
Total Number of Questions 180 Questions
Sections Physics – 45 Questions

Chemistry – 45 Questions

Biology – 90 Questions

Marking Scheme +4 marks for each correct answer;

-1 mark for each wrong answer;

0 mark for each unanswered question

Maximum Marks 720 marks
Aggregate score calculation Number of correct answers x 4 – Number of incorrect answers x 1


1. Physics- NEET UG 2019- Important Topics

  • Thermodynamics- 9%
  • Electrostatics-9%
  • Current Electricity-8%
  • Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents-8%
  • Optics-10%
  • Electronic Devices- 9%
  • Work Energy and Power- 4%
  • The motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body- 5%
  • Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism- 5%
  • Electromagnetic Waves- 5%
  • Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation -6%

Total: 78% (140 marks)

2. Biology- NEET UG 2019- Important Topics

  • The diversity of the Living Organism- 14%
  • Cell: Structure and Function-9%
  • Human Physiology- 20%
  • Reproduction- 9%
  • Genetics and Evolution-18%
  • Biology and Human Welfare- 9%
  • Ecology and Environment- 6%

Total: 85% (306 marks)

3. Chemistry- NEET UG 2019- Important Topics

  • Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure- 5%
  • Thermodynamics- 8%
  • Equilibrium-6%
  • Organic Chemistry Basics-4%
  • Solutions-5%
  • p-block elements- 5%
  • d- and f- block elements- 4%
  • Coordination Compounds- 9%
  • Alcohol, Phenol and Ether- 4%
  • Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids- 4%
  • Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation -6%
  • Biomolecules- 3%
  • Polymers-3%
  • Haloalkanes and Haloarenes- 3%
  • Chemical Kinetics- 3%
  • Hydrocarbons- 3%
  • Hydrogen- 3%
  • Redox- 3%

Total: 81% (146 marks)

Total Marks= Physics + Chemistry + Biology = 140 + 146 + 306 = 592 Marks.

 NEET UG 2019 Latest News

  1. MCI has asked medical colleges to increase the number of seats in order to implement 10% Economically Weaker Section category reservation in UG and PG medical courses.
  2. NEET score will be valid up to three years for MBBS admission abroad.
  3. NTA has launched a mobile app for mock tests.
  4. SC allows candidates above 25 years to apply as well! Check NEET Eligibility
  5. NEET not required for AYUSH aspirants in Karnataka.
  6. Content-Based Lectures for NEET 2019 by IIT Professors/ Subject Experts Released at
  7. As per the last order, students planning to study medicines from abroad are required to qualify NEET exam.
  8. Medical aspirants who did not appear for NEET 2018 can study abroad says MCI.
  9. The conducting body of NEET 2019 is the National Testing Agency (NTA 2019).
  10. A network of test centres will also be established by the NTA so that candidates from the rural areas can have ample opportunities to practice.
  11. To equate the two tests, measures like psychometric methods, standardisation techniques and the best of the two equated scores will be used.
  12. The manner of the tests will be scientific and developed jointly by psychometricians and subject matter experts.
  13. Only J&K students have to submit self-declaration form for seats in 15% All India Quota. Check NEET Reservation


NEET UG 2019 Important Dates

Event Date
Application Form November 1, 2018
Application Form Correction Window December 2018
Admit Card Release Date April 15, 2019
NEET 2019 Exam Date May 5, 2019
Result Declaration June 5, 2019
Commencement of Counselling June 13 onwards



Study Plan- NEET UG 2019- Medical Entrance Exam 2019

The above-mentioned subjects are enough to get you a good enough rank in NEET UG 2019. Although studying the entire syllabus is advised to the students, but if they have still not started with the preparation for NEET UG 2019, the above mentioned topics are enough to secure a good rank. Start with the topics that are of highest weightage and then move towards the topics with lower weightage.

Remember to thoroughly prepare all the above mentioned topics so as to score highly in the questions from these topics. These topics will land you a score above 550 which will be good enough to get a good MBBS college. Although scoring 80% marks in any examination is not easy, it is required in NEET UG to get a good medical college.


What if you don’t get the college of your choice?

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Great future opportunity.

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