New York Medical University

New York Medical University – Direct MBBS Admission for Indian Students

New York is the world capital when it comes to culture, finance and media. Thus, it exerts a significant impact on research, technology and education. Situated in the city of New York is the New York Medical University. The university has a cosmopolitan environment with students coming from several parts of the globe. The international oriented university has medical staff also from all parts of the world. The New York Medical University trains its medical students in a way that they become responsible doctors and medical professionals who can diagnose and solve problems.

The New York City is rich in technical aspect. This enables the University to have access to the latest advancements in the field of Medical Science. Therefore, the students have everything at their hand to become responsible in the increasingly globalized society.


Eligibility Criteria and MBBS Admission Process in NYMU

The eligibility criterion to get into the New York Medical University for Asians is simply to have a Higher Secondary School or 10+2 equivalent certificate. The duration of the course is 4 + 1 years. The admission process of the New York Medical University starts from creating a student account on its website. After filling the initial general information form, you will get your login credentials on your email. Login into the student account and fill up the application form. Nothing should be left blank. Submit all the required documents along with the application form. Below is a list of the documents needed.

  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Official transcripts
  • Current Resume
  • Current police clearance letter
  • Copy of current passport
  • Copy of current driver license

Next step is to face the first round of interview through Skype. The NYMU takes this regardless of your educational history, grades and background. If needed, they can ask for the second interview as well. The NYMU sends acceptance or rejection letter within 10 days of your interview. Once selected, you are ready to fly to your dream college. Register for the classes online and start packing.


Cost Involved to Study in New York Medical University

Surprisingly, the overall fee structure of studying in New York Medical University is quite low. This is owing to the low tuition fees of the university. The school and hostel fee of the NYMU is given below.

Description Amount (in US Dollars)
First Year Fee 11000
Second Year Fee 8500
Third Year Fee 8500
Fourth Year Fee 8500
Hostel Fee per Year 4000


Why getting MBBS Admission in the New York Medical University is a Smart Choice

Undoubtedly, the Indian medical education is one of the best in the world. However, the high population in India makes the competition to get into the medical colleges quite difficult to crack. As a result, many talented students fail to get into the top-notch medical colleges of the country. Lesser medical seats and more aspirants every year result in cutthroat competition. Aspirants fail and then drop for a year or two. They feed the pockets of the coaching institutes, not sure, whether they will still end up getting MBBS admission or not.

Isn’t it a better choice to save your precious educational years and spend your money for getting direct medical admission in an internationally renowned university? The icing on the cake is the fact that the New York Medical University is recognized by the MCI. Therefore, your MBBS degree from NYMU will be recognized in India as well as several other countries including the US.

If you complete your MBBS from India, you need to qualify an exam of the country where you wish to practice. For practicing in the US, you need to qualify the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination). The curriculum of the NYMU is in line with the USMLE curriculum. Therefore, it becomes easier for a NYMU student to qualify the USMLE and get license for practicing in the US. The passing percentage of USMLE for the students graduating from the NYMU is as high as 98%. The best part is that you can get a direct medical admission in NYMU, without taking any qualifying exam.


How can Dream Street Education help you get Direct Medical Admission in the New York Medical University?

When you opt to get your Medical Education from abroad, there are a whole lot of procedures. Though, there is no qualifying examination, still the document work can become a headache. The above-mentioned documents are required only by the university. However, the visa process needs another thick file of documents. In addition, when you plan to study abroad, you might face several issues and get no solutions to them. Moreover, it is always better to have someone by your side who is a professional in settling Indian students abroad. An education consultant is a professional expert who has the relevant knowledge and experience about the colleges abroad. He knows how to help the students get direct MBBS admission in a US University.

Dream Street Education will prove to be your true partner in making your journey from India to US smooth. Based in Delhi NCR, Dream Street Education is an education consultant with expertise in medical admission consultancy for colleges in and outside the country. We have helped hundreds of students in getting direct medical admission in the top colleges across the word. Dream Street Education provides the following services to students.

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  • Help you settle down in the new environment.

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