Education Consultancy - Dream Street Education

Statement of Purpose:

  • You provide us with your requirements.
  • We provide you with the best results possible as per your requirements.
  • We provide you with detailed information on various aspects about the country chosen as well as the course in various institutes such as courses available, fee structure, etc..
  • We start the negotiation with the concerned authorities.

Letter of Recommendation:

  • We provide you with the details regarding the requirement of letter of recommendation for the chosen course.
  • You get the letter of recommendation from the concerned authorities.
  • We move our procedure forward with the help of the letter of recommendation.


  • We brief you regarding various documents required as well as processes involved in the admission procedure.
  • We collect all the required document from you and send it to the university.
  • We collect admission letter from the university.
  • We conduct all the negotiation on the student’s behalf with all the concerned authorities.
  • We translate the documents for the embassy.
  • We get the documents legally approved.
  • We escort you for the medical check-ups and quicken the process of securing a medical certificate.

Student Visas to Study Abroad:

  • We brief you about the requirement of documents for the student visa of the chosen country.
  • We collect the documents from you and send them to the concerned authorities.
  • We prepare you for the successful interview in the embassy.

Education Loans:

  • We provide you with the options for loans from different banks.
  • We collect required documents from you.
  • We assist you in applying for Education loan and provide assistance in quick sanction of the loan.


  • We pick you up at the airport in the chosen country and escort you to the university.
  • After the completion of paperwork for admission, we contact you family for your successful arrival.
  • We brief you about various aspects of living in the country.
  • We leave you to your chosen place of accommodation.