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Study MBBS in Bangladesh – Direct MBBS Admissions in Bangladesh for Indian Students

With each passing year, the competition for every exam is increasing many folds in India. If that isn’t enough, higher education in India is one of the costliest in the world. This amplifies the chances of the talent being wasted as they start looking for other aspects. If you are one amongst this talented lot who is on the verge of giving up, then read on to know how you can study MBBS in Bangladesh. Studying MBBS in the top medical colleges in Bangladesh is not only easy but will also save the fast out-flow of your money.

Emerged as a separate country in 1971 after its independence from Pakistan, Bangladesh today is a fast growing country. With other developments in Science and Technology, Bangladesh has made tremendous growth in the field of Medical Science. This is the reason why so many international students have started showing interest to study MBBS in Bangladesh. Moreover, being adjacent to India and having negligible difference in the cost of living as compared to that in India, Indian students also prefer to study MBBS in Bangladesh.


Advantages of Studying MBBS in Bangladesh for Indian Students

Who wouldn’t want to study in a college with a lower fee structure of the same expensive course that they wanted to join? And what if the college is in a neighbouring country which is mostly surrounded by water and densely covered with greenery? Isn’t it an icing on the cake! Well, studying MBBS in one of the top medical colleges in Bangladesh is a similar experience for the Indian students. Below are a few of the advantages elaborately listed.

  • Lower tuition fees and overall fee structure of medical colleges in Bangladesh. Also, direct admission is possible in MBBS in Bangladesh, without any donation or capitation.
  • Almost all of the top medical colleges in Bangladesh are MCI (Medical Council of India) approved. This makes the graduates and post graduates from Bangladesh eligible to practice in India as well.
  • All the government medical colleges of Bangladesh that are recognized by Medical Council of India are also approved by WHO. This opens global opportunities for the students.
  • There is a reservation of 25% for the non-native students in private medical colleges and 75 students in the government medical colleges of Bangladesh.
  • The cost of living is more or less the same in both the countries.
  • Bangladesh shares its International borders with India, having some villages lying exactly on the border. This brings cultural difference and travel cost to almost minimal.
  • Education in Bangladesh observes English medium and therefore there is no need to learn an additional language for the Indian students.
  • With nature all around and very less pollution as compared to metro cities in India, the quality of life is definitely better in Bangladesh.

Why do you Need Dream Street Education

Getting direct admission in the top medical colleges in a foreign land is analogous to crossing a mountain of hurdles. A lot of things need to be researched and decided and all this needs expertise. Hence, it is not a cup of tea for a student who has just passed his school and has no exposure of studying abroad. At this point, the role of an education consultant comes into play.

Based in Delhi NCR, Dream Street Education is one of the best education consultants in India for abroad studies. Due to India’s friendly relations with Bangladesh and high competition and education cost in India, innumerable Indian students are pulled every year towards the top universities of Bangladesh. Dream Street Education has proved to be a life changer for many such students who wanted to study around the globe. We have settled uncountable students in Bangladesh and other countries till date and helped them in building their careers.

Dream Street Education has a team of experts who are aware of the direct admission process to the top medical universities of Bangladesh. In addition, we also handle all the formalities of shifting a student from India to Bangladesh. In short, Dream Street Education will make this process hassle free for you. You only have to dream and the Dream Street Education will have your back in making your dreams come true.

We, at Dream Street Education, provide you the following services when you decide to study MBBS in Bangladesh:

  • Help you in deciding the best MBBS college as per your interest and budget.
  • Apply education loan in India for studying in Bangladesh.
  • Help you get the scholarship from your selected college, as per your eligibility.
  • Apply and get the student visa for Bangladesh.
  • Arrange your travel from anywhere in India to your college in Bangladesh.
  • Search an affordable and comfortable accommodation for you in Bangladesh.
  • Help you settle down in the new environment.

You can be assured that we don’t leave a student’s hand until he gets satisfactorily settled in the college in Bangladesh.


2019 Registrations for Admission in Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

If the idea of studying MBBS in Bangladesh medical colleges excites you, then you needn’t wait anymore. The new academic sessions are about to start and you need to hurry up to get the direct admissions in one of the top medical colleges in Bangladesh. Since, not every college is the best, there are only limited seats for the best ones and they are filling up fast. So don’t think, just hit the chat button below or contact us for getting your direct admission in MBBS in Bangladesh now. We are looking forward to talk to the future doctors.


Top Medical Colleges in Bangladesh and their Fee Structures

Below is the list of some of the good medical colleges in Bangladesh along with their fees. Choose the one that fits you or talk to us for further assistance. We will be more than happy to help you.

S. No. Medical College Name University Established in Total Fees with Hostel Fee in USD ($)
1. Eastern Medical College CU 2005 40500
2. International Medical College DU 2000 42000
3. East West Medical College DU 2000 45000
4. Monno Medical College DU 2002 41500
5. Tairunnessa Medical College DU 1992 40000
6. Barind Medical College RU 2011 36000
7. Popular Medical College DU 2010 45000
8. Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College DU 2000 50000
9. Prime Medical College RU 2008 36000
10. Rangpur Community Medical College RU 2001 39950
11. Addin Women Medical College DU 2008 39000
12. Z. H. Sikder Women Medical College DU 1992 40000
13. Delta Medical College DU 2006 44000
14. Jalalabad Ragib Rabeya Medical College SUST 1995 42950
15. Sylhet Women Medical College SUST 2005 38000
16. Dhaka Community Medical College DU 2008 42000
17. Shaheed Monsur Ali Medical College DU 1994 48000
18. Dhaka National Medical College DU 1925 48000
19. Anwer Khan Modern Medical College DU 2008 44000
20. Dr. Sirajul Islam Medical College DU 2011 40000
21. Mainamoti Medical College CU 2011 38000
22. TMSS Medical College 40000
23. North Bengal Medical College RU 2000 35000
24. US-Bangla Medical College DU 34000