Study MBBS in Ukraine

Study MBBS in Ukraine- Direct MBBS Admissions in Ukraine for Indian Students

Ukraine has been one of the favourite destinations to study MBBS for the students in India for a long time now. Adjacent to Russia, Ukraine offers a great quality of education in various medical universities. Also, the cost is much lower as compared to some of the medical colleges in India. A large number of Indian students study MBBS in Ukraine. This is because of the quality of education and also the standard of living. Most of the students clear MCI screening test with ease and practice medicine in India. Also, they choose career opportunities in other parts of the world.

Every year, students appear in huge numbers for medical entrance exams in India. They compete for a handful of seats. This means that most of the eligible students that appear in the exams end up failing. Hence, in their endeavour to pursue MBBS from a top college in India remains unfulfilled. Such students have an alternative option to opt for a college in Ukraine. This will provide them with a quality education at a cost lower than the Indian colleges. Also, it will help them in opening Global opportunities for themselves.


Advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine for Indian Students

Medical colleges in Ukraine attract a lot of international students. It is especially a favourite amongst Indian students that find it very difficult to get quality education within their country. Medical studies in Ukraine provides a lot of opportunities and advantages to the students that they won’t get in India. Listed below are a few advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine for India students:

  • Low cost of education as compared to Indian medical colleges.
  • Most of the medical colleges in Ukraine are MCI (Medical Council of India) approved. This means they are eligible to come to India and practice their trade.
  • Cost of living in Ukraine is along the lines of the cost of living in India. This makes it more suitable for students seeking medical colleges abroad.
  • The Geographical location of Ukraine is in Asia. This means that students don’t have to move too far away from home in order to pursue their medical aspirations. The climate in Ukraine though is on the colder side which is much like the northern parts of India.
  • Indian students opting for medical colleges in Ukraine tend to get better career opportunities. Also, the quality of life is better which every person desires to have.


Why you need an admission consultant for direct medical admissions in Ukraine?

If you are looking for direct medical admissions in Ukraine, there is always a problem of plenty that poses in front of the students and makes it difficult for them to decide the best college for them. Such decisions require extensive research and a bottom-up analysis of various aspects of different colleges. This work is not possible for a single human being. This is why students usually trust admission consultants to provide them with the best options for studying MBBS in Ukraine.

Admission consultants usually have the expertise in the direct admission procedure of various colleges around the globe and can provide you with a better-researched result to ensure that you get the best possible college according to your requirement.

Apart from that medical admission consultants can also provide assistance in the admission process, loan application, visa and other necessary works which can eliminate a great amount of workload from the students. This is why opting for a medical admission consultant is the best foot forward.


Why Dream Street Education is the ideal medical admission consultant for you?

Dream Street Education is one of the best admission consultants in India for abroad studies. Based in Delhi NCR, Dream Street Education has been able to impact the lives of many students and have provided them with the best possible options for studying MBBS in Ukraine. Also, Ukraine has been the centre of attraction for the most MBBS aspirants that want to study abroad. Hence, Medical colleges in Ukraine are the second home of India’s medical aspirants.

Thus in order to serve the interest of the students, our team of experts has performed extensive research on each and every medical college in Ukraine and has handpicked some of the best medical colleges in order to provide the students with the best possible options to choose from. Our team of experts have worked diligently to provide many students with their ideal college for their medical studies.

Apart from that, we also help out the students in the admission procedure, visa application, loan and accommodation and assist the students until they are settled in their college of choice. We make sure that we are alongside the students all the time and provide them with help whenever and wherever possible. We try to minimize the workload by streamlining the various processes that are involved in direct MBBS admissions in Ukraine for Indian students. As an admission consultant, our primary goal is to attain client satisfaction and we strive hard to achieve it. At Dream Street Education, we believe that every student is potentially the change that the world needs which inspires us to continue helping more and more students in realizing their medical aspirations.


2019 Registrations for Admission in Medical Colleges in Ukraine

As the new academic session is about to start in various universities across the globe, we have started to accept applications for direct admissions in medical colleges in Ukraine. We have only a handful of handpicked college and will provide admissions on the first come first serve basis. Admissions for 2019 batch for medical colleges in Ukraine will commence shortly. So, hurry up if you don’t want to be left behind. We are always happy to help you out in any way possible.  For any further queries, please feel free to contact us. We will also welcome any suggestions that you have for us.


Top Medical Colleges in Ukraine

Given Below is the list of top medical colleges in Ukraine where you can get a direct MBBS admission through Dream Street Education:

  • Kiev Medical University OF UAFM
  • O O Bogomolets (Kiev) National Medical University
  • Lviv National Medical University
  • Donetsk State Medical University
  • Odessa State Medical University
  • Ternopil State Medical Academy